Facebook: Alegria

Alegria is an illustration system developed by LA-based creative agency Buck specifically for Facebook. The style conveys relatable, everyday stories with simple shapes, flattened perspective, and minimal line work. Between 2017 & 2018 I followed this visual system to create illustrations for The Studio, a division of Facebook’s marketing department.

Like all visual systems Alegria had to adept to changing tastes and market feedback so you may see some differences between earlier and later work. Two of the more dramatic changes were the shift from texture to tonal shadows and the gradual paring down of the palette from Matisse-like playfulness to a more disciplined use of color.


Music Events Quick Promotions

Art Direction: John Slater

I created this set of illustrations to funnel users towards events ticketing. The brief asked for evergreen assets that could be used any time of year and we tried varying degrees of genre-specific imagery to see how they tested.


Facebook Groups

Creative Directors: John Slater & Andy Hekimian Designer: Laura Mango Project Manager: Courtney Hori

In 2018 part of Facebook’s strategy was to reemphasize the importance of Groups. To show this they repositioned the Groups tab on prime real estate: a default icon on the primary product screen. I was part of the team tasked with refreshing the illustrations and maintaining consistency within Facebook Groups. This was a huge undertaking and involved several months of work.


Admin Education Illustration Set


Mock Profile & Cover Photos

The typical illustration process would involve a couple rounds of sketches placed in situ. From there a product designer would choose and I would finalize in vector and color.


Selection of Groups Illustrations

There are too many to fit on one page! Here’s a handful of my favorites.


Groups Tab Launch Animation

Creative Director: Katherine Duran Animation: Hornet Studios Designer: Laura Mango Producer: Kathy Monahan Project Manager: Courtney Hori

An animation and live action video were released ahead of the Groups tab launch. I created story boards and provided grayscale vector character studies to Hornet Studios.

Alegria for Consumer Marketing: Diversity guide

Creative Directors: John Slater & Chris Cusson Project Manager: Sarah Corruccini

Over time Alegria shifted to accommodate different needs and several branches sprouted out of the main style such as Alegria for Business and Alegria for Consumer Marketing (ACM). Though the lion’s share of development was handle by the creative agency Buck I had a hand in a few parts of the style guide. I illustrated this set of faces to push ACM to feel more diverse and inclusive.


Facebook Watch: Stat Sheet

Creative Director: Ryan McLaughlin Designer: Dana Beaty Project Manager: Miguel Godinez

This mobile stat sheet was created to celebrate Facebook Watch’s growth over 2018.



Creative Director: Ryan McLaughlin Animator: Zach Christy Project Manager: Miguel Godinez

I created conceptual sketches, story boards, & final style frames for this animation intended to help explain to users how to follow their favorite creators.

Profile Effects Campaign

Creative Director: John Slater

I created these illustrations to promote new profile effects filters.


Alegria Explorations

As is often the case some of my favorite work were explorations that never saw the light of day. Alas, it will live here!