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If you are wondering what J. S. stands for it’s Jeffrey Scott, but everyone calls me Jeff. I lifted the abbreviation idea from one of my favorite artists, H. R. Giger (he created the xenomorph in the Alien movies). I am an artist, designer, and concerned earthling. I live in Portland, OR between a snarl of industrial buildings lining the Willamette River (rhymes with damn it) and a large wood called Forest Park.


I have exhibited paintings at galleries across the US as well as internationally. My work is brimming with flora, fauna, and little bits of throwaway culture. Through it I hope to add my voice to the discussion about how we reinvent our relationship with nature.

Graphic Design:

The design section of the site is a portfolio of work that I have done for clients. If you need any graphics, iconography, logos, branding, illustrations, or print work done then I would love to hear from you. Let’s make something cool together!

Field Notes:

Field notes is a blog chronicling my thoughts on the intersection of art, nature, and throwaway culture. Living is complicated, and though we can have the best of intentions as individuals we are part of larger system that we are complicit in (me too, before you think I’m on a high horse). Keeping a journal is my way of sorting through the everyday struggle to live a low-impact life.